2020 – 2021 SCHEDULE

Fall Semester

Begins September 7, 2020

Spring Semester

Begins January 11, 2021

Summer Session

Begins June 14, 2021



Drum-Central is a Saturday Drum Academy hosting various levels of drum classes that assist students in learning to become well-rounded and knowledgeable drummers. Classes are designed to teach the essentials of drumming as well as provide rhythm section collaborations for practical application. 


Curriculum includes:

  • A variety of genres, styles, and beats

  • The fundamentals of rudiments and reading notation

  • Introductions to renown drummers past and present

SMALL BEGINNINGS (ages 5 – 11) and CRESCENDO (ages 12 and up)

Small Beginnings and Crescendo offer a variety of piano and voice training according to student level; from classical to pop to praise.  Each element is foundational to becoming a piano/vocalist with a working knowledge of music that is essential for performing artists.


Piano Curriculum includes:

  • Music theory, reading notation, and ear-training

  • Scales, technique, and chord progressions


Vocal Curriculum includes:

  • Warmups, breathing technique, and riffs

  • Solo and ensemble performances



Capo guitar students are trained on the fundamentals of guitar, incorporating new and old techniques.  Students explore electric and acoustic guitar along with classic songs and solos by well-known guitarists. Guitar students also receive voice training.

BEATS 101 


Music Technology 101

Music Production for Beginners (6-week course)

Whether you’re interested in making beats for your own lyrics, studio sessions, or just for fun, BEATS 101 is an introduction to the basics of music production and technology for beginners – high school students and above.


Equipment required: 

Computer, keyboard with midi, earphones, Ableton*

(*Inquire prior to purchase)

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Email:   info@drum-central.org

Phone:   626.398.8005




P.O. Box 61024

Pasadena, CA 91116

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