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Our mission is P-R-A-I-S-E: 


Preparing and Raising Artists of Integrity to Serve in Excellence



“As a child and throughout my college years, the many hours of practice taught me to be disciplined, determined and focused.  Many of my instructors played significant roles in my life by assisting me in extracurricular music and non-music related activities, as well as guiding me through life issues.  I believe that their seeds unknowingly planted a desire in me to encourage, develop, and nurture the gifts of others. As a result, Instruments of Praise was founded in 1990 with a call to employ the performing arts to make “life investments” through programs designed to mentor as well as instruct emerging young artists.”  (Varetta Heidelberg, Founder)


   (1) To Train – Providing quality performing arts education and instruction in a  fun environment

   (2) To Produce – Providing creative and practical performance opportunities for skill development

   (3) To Connect – Providing student activities beyond the classroom that will influence their life-long habits




Our philosophy of maintaining a whole-life connection with our students and their families is rooted in the idea that "talent alone, no matter how great, is not enough!” While students learn to play the music they love, lessons and discussion that assist young artists in their character development are incorporated in our C.O.R.E. Curriculum – Character Obtained to Reflect Excellence

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